Security is more than Encryption

SaltDNA uses the latest technologies available in the industry along with the tightest enterprise control to ensure our solution is rock-solid.

SaltDNA Technology at a Glance

  • Peer-to-peer messaging with off the record and ephemeral key exchange.
  • Bi-directional message burn.
  • Each text securely transmitted using its own 256-bit AES cipher key.
  • Voice calls secured with multi-layered, ephemeral keys over DTLS.
  • End-to-end mobile voice and text encryption.
  • 256 bit AES encryption of application data.
  • Multiple encryption levels for maximum security.
  • Encryption at the transport layer using TLS v1.3 and 2048-bit RSA.
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The highest-grade, rock-solid encryption

While encryption alone is not enough, it is still of paramount importance in an enterprise-grade secure mobile communications platform. SaltDNA uses an encryption mixture using multiple encryption algorithms for maximum security. At the transport layer, SaltDNA follows the current best practice and uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2. As for keys, SaltDNA currently uses 2048-bit RSA, which provides the highest level of security balancing the computational requirements and power consumptions on based mobile devices.

Flexible Deployment

Available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure, enterprises have the flexibility to deploy SaltDNA as needs dictate. To that end, SaltDNA Enterprise has a number of different deployment options.


Hosted on your own virtual instance in one our trusted partners' secure data center. With the hosted service, the enterprise still has full control of users with its own SaltDNA Communication Manager. If your enterprise does not want to keep communications metadata, then it is wiped, leaving no trail that communication ever existed.

On-Premise Installation

Clients and partners can deploy the SaltDNA solution as an On-Premise Solution. This option is best for organisations that must eliminate the existence of any third-party and need complete control of their metadata for regulatory compliance. The SaltDNA solution can be quickly deployed onto the chosen infrastructure of a customer using a Docker install.