About SaltDNA

SaltDNA is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices with full, centralized control for the enterprise.

Our Story

SaltDNA was formed in 2013 by a group of tech entrepreneurs with a shared history in enterprise security, telecoms, network optimization and mobile application development. While the market is packed with consumer based encryption communication technologies, the founders of SaltDNA recognised that none of these solutions fit well within an enterprise's operating framework.

Management Team

  • Joe Boyle CEO

    Joe's career has been focused on enterprise communications, security and network optimization. He has experienced considerable success bringing innovative new technologies to market, and helping customers adopt those technologies. Before SaltDNA, Joe was the director of product management for Silver Peak Systems and Blue Coat Systems, both in the network optimization space; and before that was employee number 4 at Replify, the first company to virtualize WAN optimization. He worked on secure communications technology at F5 Networks, Aepona (acquired by Intel) and Apion (acquired by Phone.com). Joe holds an MSc in Computational Science from Queen's University Belfast.

  • Patrick Keehan CTO

    Patrick began his career as a software engineer at Aepona in 1997 and has spent the last nearly 19 years developing and architecting world-class software solutions. He earned his stripes developing high-end mobile telecommunication systems (Aepona) and networking solutions(Spirent) before joining the founding team at Replify, the first fully virtualized WAN optimization company. What followed were years managing software teams and architecting highly scalable and secure software systems, most recently at Blue Coat Systems. Patrick holds an MSc in Computational Science from Queen's University Belfast.

  • Kevin Donaghy Founder/Director

    Kevin has led teams and companies from the earliest stages of development through commercialization and hyper-growth phases. He started his career with WPDS in San Diego as a software engineer focused on Equipment Configuration Management systems for air forces across the globe. He quickly progressed to run multiple teams for Spirent Communications both in Ireland and the US. Kevin then founded Swan Labs which specialized in WAN optimization and was acquired by F5 Networks in 2005. In 2007, he founded Replify which focused on mobility optimization and virtualization. Through his own consultancy, Kevin has worked for web security firm Blue Coat Systems on mobile optimization strategy and on multiple projects from mobility, security and virtualization to online GRCl platforms. Kevin holds a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Queen's University Belfast.

Funding from world-class venture capital firms

SaltDNA is funded by world-class investors Accomplice (formerly Atlas Venture) and Stonehammer Capital.

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