Introducing SaltLegal

High profile legal practice implements secure mobile communications system to protect clients and drive productivity.

SaltDNA, the developer of the leading solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices with full, centralized control for the enterprise have announced the launch of SaltLegal. SaltLegal is an industry specific solution that provides law firms with the ability to communicate with colleagues and clients with full confidence that all conversations are secure. SaltLegal allows for the transfer of secure legal documentation from the SaltMobile or SaltDesktop device, allowing collaboration between the office and the courtroom.

Why SaltLegal?

In the wake of a yet another cyber attack on a number of US law firms, the legal industry must respond to protect their practices & their clients confidential information. In 2016, there were a number of major law firm hacks - including the leak of top-secret documents from Panamanian law firm and the M&A hack attack by a Russian cyber criminal who targeted 48 elite M&A law firms. December 2016 saw Chinese Hackers target New York law firms in an attempt to gather confidential information on recent mergers and acquisitions in order to penetrate the stock market. Targeting the confidential communications of the law firms, the hackers netted around $4 million in profit from the information they were able to gather. The ease with which this appeared to have been carried out will only encourage more of the same attacks.

This is why Law firms need to protect their communications.

Having worked with some of the biggest firms in the world, SaltDNA has gathered feedback and have designed SaltLegal with the legal use case in mind. The ability to manage closed user groups is an ideal feature, allowing firms to separate contacts on a case by case basis ensuring that clients only have access to their designated lawyer and not the full portfolio of company lawyers. It also ensures that personal phone contacts are not synced to the SaltDNA contact list, ensuring that communications remain professional and work related. This alongside secure file transfer, conference calling, group messaging and on-premise deployment options highlight how SaltLegal is perfect for the handling of legal matters, specifically with client care in mind.

The customer had legitimate concerns about the confidentiality of information communicated using smartphones and tablets. The growing use of employee owned devices in the workplace was a major concern for the company. Despite a published best practice on communication policy there was high awareness that an attack on these communication channels was likely and would undeniably have a hugely damaging impact on the company.

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