iOS 10.13.12 | SaltDNA

iOS 10.13.12


Improved support of peer video calls, some minor bug fixes


  • SI-2545 - Improved support for video calls. An incoming video call is now labelled as such.

Bug Fixes

  • SI-2547 - Caching of network responses meant that a user repeatedly being removed from and added to a group won’t be noticed until an app restart
  • SI-2554 - Fixed an iPad issue when searching for a user to call in the multi-selector if you dismissed the keyboard and then hit call the app
  • SI-2555 - An outgoing call terminate gracefully even when the receiver quickly cancels the call
  • SI-2561 - The badge count will no longer be set whenever the app becomes active in the background e.g. when accepting a call
  • SI-2564 - Reconnecting calls will end after a given time limit
  • SI-2570 - Audio files in broadcasts failed to play correctly
  • SI-2571 - Adding/removing users from a circle is now reflected in the application immediately
  • SI-2573 - Sometimes the status field on the message thread would turn white.
  • SI-2574 - The screenshot warning would not show the full users alias
  • SCSD-475 - The background cell colour for message info is incorrect for some brands