iOS 10.13.10 | SaltDNA

iOS 10.13.10


Flexible branding, 3rd party library updates, improvements to code and minor bug fixes


  • SI-2097 - added a diagnostics report for call connection details
  • SI-2257 - the Recently Contacted header should not appear if it is empty when doing a search
  • SI-2273 - a lot of refactoring of the call handling code to prepare for CallKit and iOS 13 changes
  • SI-2274 - improved support for dynamic branding. We can now change colours and the application icon in response to different domain names
  • SI-2295 - improved the layout of the message thread title when the screen is in landscape
  • SI-2322 - improved ability to handle broadcast messages when we do not have the channel details yet
  • SI-2324 - improved the layout of the backup settings screen to cater for longer strings and small screens
  • SI-2341 - improved the layout of broadcast channels
  • SI-2373 - during a conference call we no longer say “Connecting” but instead say “Invited”
  • SI-2355 - table row separators were very faint
  • SI-2393 - smaller screen sizes would cause overlaps and truncation in the details. We now use a more fluid layout
  • SCSD-359 - improved the layout of the conversations screen to allow longer names to overflow rather than truncate
  • SCSD-413 - A pin reset is now recognised at application start

Bug Fixes

  • SI-2259 - adding a location and then changing it to an image in a broadcast meant that clicking the image would actually open the original map location
  • SI-2288 - forwarding a message from iOS to Android didn’t include sender information
  • SI-2307 - the FAB button could be enabled/disabled incorrectly based upon cell selections
  • SI-2321 - a call would go off speaker if you viewed a message attachment whilst on the call
  • SI-2334 - corrected some layout issues on the conversations screen for a new group chat
  • SI-2340 - incoming conference calls would sometimes be logged as missed peer calls
  • SI-2345 - navigating to the messages screen whilst in a call would cause the green “In-call” bar to disappear
  • SI-2349 - the back button on the call screen would hide during a network interruption and not reappear
  • SI-2391 - the title on the message thread screen would sometimes appear collapsed
  • SI-2392 - there were some cases where the back button on the message thread screen would have layout issues
  • SI-2407 - when answering a call when viewing a contact’s details the navigation bar would double up when the call ended
  • SI-2437 - Button bashing starting/ending a call would sometimes still cause the call to happen
  • SI-2438 - Terminating a conference call when not online would cause some bad behaviours. For example the device would believe it was still in the conference call.
  • SI-2452 - Additional permissions were required to let a user share a photo with the photos application
  • SI-2456 - A call would be recorded as incoming rather than missed
  • SI-2496 - Two parties ending a call at the same time could cause a missed call record
  • SI-2498 - Being disconnected from the network as a conference call was about to happen would incorrectly auto-connect you to the conference when the network returned