Android 10.14.0 | SaltDNA

Android 10.14.0


This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements which address many call stability issues and general user experience.


  • [SCSD-539] Updated Russian translations.

  • [SCSD-501] Improving lock screen logic.

  • [SI-2731] Biometric Prompt - Face unlock support added for applicable devices.

  • [SI-2652] Users who decline a conference call will now show as busy in the in-call conference information screen.

  • [SI-2791] Only send forwarded notifications to affected users.

  • [SI-2588] Hold tone now plays once every 15 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • [SCSD-554] Large PDF files would show in low resolution.

  • [SI-2730] The app sometimes crashed when call was rejected.

  • [SI-2686] Verification screen leaves input fields active after tapping ‘verify’.

  • [SI-2872] No missed call record for a conference call that was started and terminated while user was on another call.

  • [SI-2802] Contacts hidden behind keyboard when a lot of search results are returned while searching contacts tab.

  • [SI-2796] User should be taken to main screen from forward recipient chat.

  • [SI-2758] App crashes when no search results when searching contacts or chats and changing tabs before closing the search field.

  • [SI-2753] Rejecting an incoming conference call and then joining from the call log causes the duration of the call to show an incorrect value.

  • [SI-2727] Pressing the app back button when you open the app from a message notification should bring you back to the main screen.

  • [SI-2719] User should be able to forward more than one message.

  • [SI-2709] Show queued messages in message info.

  • [SI-2660] "Tap to join" shows twice when you back out of conference the call screen to the call log.

  • [SI-2646] PDF preview doesn't respect document aspect ratio.

  • [SI-2619] Allowing permission on 'invite via email' displays phone contacts rather than email contacts.

  • [SI-2500] When a conference creator leaves and rejoins, they can no longer terminate the conference.

  • [SI-2576] When conference call creator leaves and rejoins, they can no longer invite users to the conference.

  • [SI-2729] Call states "secure call connected" on outgoing and incoming call screens as soon as the call is started.