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SaltDNA are Hiring a Senior Frontend Developer

18/11/2020 | John Bailie

Senior Frontend Developer - Belfast, Northern Ireland | Job Description.

About SaltDNA

Since our company's founding in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2013, SaltDNA has carved out a space as an award-winning cybersecurity firm built for the demanding world we live in. Our secure mobile communications platform offers unparallelled security and peace of mind for high-level organisations requiring the utmost privacy and security to get the job done.

We are the first company offering a solution for end-to-end encrypted communications between mobile devices that provides full and centralised control at the enterprise level, eliminating management blind spots and security vulnerabilities in the process. Today, we operate in over 50 countries across six different continents.

Our secure communications app allows for secure voice & video calls, broadcasting, messaging, conference calling, and document transfers between your team, regardless of where they are in the world. For busy professionals who rely on secure and accurate communications to perform their jobs, SaltDNA is the answer.

Our powerful platform has become the choice of clients with unique or sensitive security concerns worldwide. From critical infrastructure to security services, military, legal, finance, energy, and practically every other enterprise sector, SaltDNA offers the security and ease of use necessary to increase productivity while staying safe.

Whether deployed on your server or through our cloud-based service, SaltDNA is prepared to meet the needs of security-minded clients across every industry, anywhere in the world.

About the Senior Frontend Developer - Belfast Position

SaltDNA is poised to add a Senior Frontend Developer to our growing development team. Our ambitious product roadmap requires an incredibly motivated, talented, and experienced technical lead to drive the development of our desktop and web clients.

At SaltDNA, we’re constantly focused on implementing new features and rolling out product improvements to meet and exceed our steadily growing customer base's needs.

The role of the senior frontend developer will be to further develop the security-first desktop communicator built using web technology that uses a common platform to communicate with other desktop users as well as mobile users (Android and iOS).

The app uses Electron and the React web framework, as well as an encrypted database and encryption protocol to exchange secure messages with other users. WebRTC is at the core of the call functions that we provide. We use a secure REST API to communicate with the management platform. We expect any candidate to have a working knowledge of these areas.

SaltDNA also delivers white-labelled versions of the app to customers. The development, build and release process will be the responsibility of the candidate.

Good design skills are a necessity. We do have a designer who produces the look-and-feel as well as assets but the candidate needs to be able to take these ideas, sometimes maybe purely conceptual, and turn them into something real. You must be capable of taking the initiative and produce unique work. Do not expect to receive pre-canned HTML or CSS or assets that you can simply slide into place. A good understanding of HTML/CSS/SCSS is expected.

A knowledge of OWASP and general app security is essential. As with SaltDNA’s entire product suite, the desktop app needs to be secure in its operation. A grasp of general encryption and what it means and how it protects data is highly valued and a basic understanding would be expected. The right applicant will show refined communication and prioritisation skills in addition to a proven track record as an excellent frontend engineer. The ability to juggle many responsibilities across various aspects of a product is critical, as are strong analytical skills.

Any candidate would be expected to share their experience with the other team members and provide input to other aspects of the company. We want a candidate comfortable with building solutions for customers, who can drive designs and features, who can provide support, who can work within a team, and who can deliver the next version of the desktop app. We want you to own the solution.

Senior Frontend Developer Belfast – Responsibilities

  • Develop, design, implement, modify, and support components of the software anywhere within the software stack with a primary focus on the desktop client.

  • Troubleshoot and determine root problems with complex software issues. Develop efficient and practical solutions to address issues.

  • Provide mentorship to new less experienced engineers through coaching and training opportunities.

  • Create and implement best practises and process improvements. Develop and codify new processes as necessary.

  • Provide guidance related to emerging technologies and vendor packages that may be useful in the development of new software or features.

Essential Skills

  • HTML | CSS | SCSS | Javascript

  • React

  • Electron

  • Good Design Skills

  • Has Built Web Apps

  • Databases | REST | HTTP

  • Nodejs

Valued Skills

  • Django

  • Postgres

  • Vuejs

  • Git

  • Bug Tracking Systems, e.g., JIRA

  • Windows / OSX Experience

To apply for this role please contact us directly or apply through Stack Overflow: