Employee Profile: Nicole Allen - Marketing Assistant | SaltDNA

Employee Profile: Nicole Allen - Marketing Assistant

30/01/2019 | Nicole Allen

An interview with Nicole Allen, marketing assistant at SaltDNA.

Time with the company: 7 months

What attracted you to SaltDNA?

I joined SaltDNA as part of my placement year (internship) and was opening myself up to a completely new learning opportunity within the Cybersecurity market. I knew that Cybersecurity was a growing market which made me really interested in the opportunity at SaltDNA.

When doing my research on SaltDNA I was really impressed with the solutions they were developing, the story they built and the direction in which they were going. For me it was a no brainer as they say to apply for my role and I was so excited when I got the job here.

How have you found the experience?

I have gained so much knowledge in such a short space of time and every single person has been very approachable when I have asked plenty of questions.

The work environment at SaltDNA is amazing. There's a really nice balance of hard work and fun within the office with the staff being so close knit. I have been in such awe of the small team we have here at Salt, producing such a successful product, and building a global reputation - it just goes to show that it is about quality over quantity.

What's the best part of your job at SaltDNA?

I think the level of trust among staff is incredibly important at SaltDNA, and that plays such a large part of the incredible work ethic here. For me personally I've been provided with ownership over roles and am constantly being thrown into things that I've never done before, with the guidance and direction needed to learn.

This is definitely the best part of my job, because I've been able to expand my knowledge and build my confidence since joining the company. I also usually saw Marketing from a B2C side of things - so working in B2B is a great experience to see it from both angles.

Would you recommend SaltDNA to other interested Students?

I definitely would recommend SaltDNA to other interested students - I speak to a lot of students around me and I continually feel really fortunate to have landed my role. The staff and management at SaltDNA understand the placement process so well and are constantly monitoring progress and workload so that not only are students always busy, but also always learning. My manager actually studied my course before also so in feedback sessions he's able to relate work that I've done back to my academic studies. Sometimes I forget I have to go back to University so that helps a lot!

What Advice would you give to others starting their career in the Cybersecurity Industry?

Never wear headphones in work - you'll miss some fascinating conversations.

I was slightly confused when I was brought into SaltDNA and not placed to sit with the business team. After a few weeks I completely understood. I love listening to developers and designers conversations as it gives me an insight into their roles and tasks which helps me to understand what they are discussing each time I am involved or approached to help with different tasks. Also at the beginning of my placement it really quickly built my knowledge of the product, use cases and development processes.

Constant self education is really heavily promoted within SaltDNA because we're working in such a fast moving market, where threats always change, and Cybersecurity is in the news everyday. Within work I constantly ask questions, and the guys here are more than happy to provide me with the answers. I've found that since joining SaltDNA my listening habits have changed drastically too. Instead of listening to music on my way into work I listen to podcasts or read books about marketing or the Cybersecurity industry!