Features Built On Security & Control

SaltDNA is built with the features & technology to keep your communications private and compliant.

Restriction Management

Administrators have the ability to prevent users having the capabilities to download documents & images.

Deployment Options

Available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure.

Centralised Management

Ability to provision and de-provision virtually instantaneously, from anywhere in the world.

Secure Management

Our platform uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure administrator credentials ensuring complete privacy and compliance.

Metadata Management

Organisations have control over how their metadata is managed. They can securely archive their conversations, store a statistical overview of comms, or immediately delete all metadata.

Closed Contacts

Organisations can effectively manage the communication channels within their company. They control who speaks to who as user's contact list is not linked to their personal device.

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Contact Management

SaltDNA offers a completely closed system unlike many consumer applications, so users onto the system need to be provided access by their chosen organisation. These organisations have full control over their internal communications right down to who communicates with who via the tight management of ‘circles’. ‘Circles’ are often developed to separate users within an organisation by seniority, department, or in certain circumstances by legal matter.

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Metadata Management

SaltDNA understand that not every organization follow the same data protection regulations, and because of this we offer three account management options to allow companies to manage their metadata differently. The three management options include: Privacy Mode, Enterprise Mode and Compliance Mode.

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In App Restriction Control

Within the SaltDNA secure management portal, chosen administrators will have the ability to control a number of in-app restrictions for their users. Chosen organisational administrators can control users’ ability to take screenshots within the app for users with an Android device, users ability to download documentation within the app, as well as enforcing an ‘auto-burn’ feature for every user ensuring that messages are deleted after a chosen period of time on all devices.

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